Monument in town
Photo by: giladr, Creative Commons

Deserts and dry weather conditions usually describe the country of Turkmenistan. This description is generally true but this is not an obstacle for the tourism value of the cities of the region. In Central Asia, countries are mostly identifiable because of their preserved cultures and rich histories. A city in Turkmenistan that is worth a visit is Kerki.

The original Persian name of Kerki is Karkuh, when translated is Deaf Mountain. The usual beaches can be found in this town that is found in the Lebap Province in the eastern region of the country. Aside from this, tourists can also go hiking or trekking in the nearby mountains when the weather is not that hot. Usually, in the month of August, the temperature can reach up to 50°C and is not very ideal for swimming or hiking. Most people that have been there suggest that tourists visit in the months of September to early November when the weather isn’t that arid.

There are also numerous structures and buildings that are worth visiting in this regions. Most of them showcase the rich culture of the country to intricately designed cloths and other artifacts. Even the shops that sell souvenir items like rugs try to show the tourists that there are interwoven cultures within this region.

It is also relatively easier to reach this town as compared to other parts of the country because there is already an Airport in Kerki that makes it accessible to tourists and businessmen alike.

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