Key West

Sunset at Key West
Photo by: Serge Masktakoff, Creative Commons

Key West is a city found in Monroe County, the southernmost region of the state of Florida. Due to its location, the city enjoys a mild tropical climate that makes it a perfect destination for people who enjoy the beach and sunshine especially during the months of November and April. In fact due to this warm and sunny weather for the most part of the year, Key West has become one of the main seaport destinations of cruise ships. The area enjoys a rich flow of visitors who come to enjoy the sun and beach all year round. Travelling to the area can be made by plane or ship and accommodations are plenty.

Though popular for its coastal areas and climate, that isn’t all that there is to be seen in Key West. The city’s historic district or “Old Town” is a popular destination among visitors for the distinct architecture of the old buildings and houses that are lined up along the city’s older streets such as Duval Street and Mallory Square. These structures have been known to date back from the 1880s and are such a sight to behold with their classic wood frame construction complete with covered patios and balconies painted in pastels.

The “New Town” however does not fall behind too far from the popularity of the “Old Town”. Different retail establishments as well as lodging accommodations can be found here. Important sites for the entertainment and the arts are also situated in this area such as the Tennessee Williams Theatre and the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum. An array of festivities all year round keeps visitors coming back and interested in the area. Among these events are the Hemingway Days Festival in July and the Pirates in Paradise Festival which runs through the months of November to December.

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