Khon Kaen

Highway in Khon Kaen
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

After failed colonization by the British and French Army in the early 19th century, Thailand has maintained its independence. Another fact you may want to know is that it is the 50th largest country in the whole planet. Khon Kaen is actually situated in one of the 76 provinces called Isaan. This particular region can help you reminisce about the historic events that happened from the very first day it was discovered until the present day.

Located at Khorat Plateau, this place is teeming with Buddhist temples of all dimensions. Wat Nongwang is a great example. South of the city, at Klangmuang Road, you can see this 9-tiered balcony temple with different artifacts inside. Phrathat Khan Kaen where the city is originated is also a home for numerous monks and Buddha statues.

For an educational trip, you can go to Khon Kaen National Museum that accepted its first visitor for almost four decades ago. You can trace back the history and previous artifacts of Thailand in this very place. Utensils of different kinds and evolution of art of the ancient cities are seen here as well.

For your kids, you can go to Phu Wiang National Park where the first fossil of dinosaurs were discovered that later furnished a theme park. Going here can be made possible by four wheelers or taxis. The Indian-inspired Buddha is also a site to behold. Prehistoric paintings, flower fields and waterfalls brings further splendor to the place. To make it more realistic, they also placed gigantic real-life dinosaurs with long necks. It is quite intriguing how the founder shared the whole area for humongous reptiles and religious figures. Anyway, the next attraction is the Phu Pha Man National Park, a mixed forest where caverns of bats are located. The stone pillars and caves of stalagmites and stalactites invade the whole area together with creeks and 80-meter high waterfall.

When summer is fast approaching you can’t help but to think where to spend your time with it and at a reasonable price. Think no more because Khon Kaen is the place to be.

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