Most tourists long for places where they can shop for souvenirs. They want to bring something back to their homes for their friends and family to receive. Well, for your trip to Kiffa, Mauritania, you would find so many market stalls that have souvenir trinkets! It is so much fun to course through the different items that are being sold there. Not only would you be singing with beads wrapped around your neck, you’d be a popular icon since you have reached Kiffa – the land of pure fun and adventure!

Aside from the souvenir stop, you will be amazed at the canyons at Kiffa. They have one of the most beautiful sights should you have this urge to conquer their rocky mountains. Just be sure to hire an all-terrain vehicle so you would not have a problem that you can’t go up a steep hill without having to leave parts of the vehicle behind. Just be careful when you drive across the sands – you might bump into a lost camel and send him to Camel Heaven. Don’t be in a hurry to reach the magnificent canyons.

Do not fret that all you would see is a dry barren desert for in Kiffa, there are beaches for you to loosen up and enjoy. Wrapped in beads, almost ran over a camel, you would surely be fine with your trip. As long as you take beautiful snapshots of your adventure, you definitely would want to visit the place once more.

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