Muckross Gardens for a relaxing stroll.
Photo by: Corey Leopold, Creative Commons

Ireland is one of the top countries to experience if you love the outdoors. This is because the place boasts a pleasant climate all year round. The summers are hot but the sunlight does not scorch. Winters are also a lot easier, temperatures ranging from 0°C – 30°C is very unlikely to be experienced.
But apart from the nice weather, Ireland also boasts of their natural tourist attractions. Most of them can be found in Killarney. Here you are likely to find nature parks, eco trails and other adventure trails.

Here are some of their parks that you can visit on your next trip:

1. Killarney National Park
This national park opened in 1932 is known for its size and the sights it offers to tourists. This 10,000 – hectare land covers mountains, woods, waterways and gardens.

Lough Lean, Upper Lake and the Muckross Lake are of the most popular sights to see. Here, you can enjoy the sights further by taking a boat ride or by taking your chance in fishing some of the brown trout and salmon that inhabit the lakes.
Apart from the bountiful lakes, Killarney National Park also prides to be the only home of the endangered Red Deer in the wild.

2. Ladies View Park
Why the name? Apparently the place got its namesake from the story that during Queen Victoria’s visit, her ladies in waiting caught a glimpse of the view and fell in love with it. Since then, the locals constantly referred to it as “Ladies’ View”.
Needless to say, the site offers breath taking views of the Upper Lakes and the mountains/ hills surrounding it.

3. Coolwood Wildlife Park
If you plan to take your family with you during your trip, then this wildlife park is worth your stop over. This is because this 40 – acre land serves as a sanctuary for animals like monkeys, llamas, alpacas, lemurs, meerkats and wallabies. All of which are species your kids only get to see in their books and computers. After seeing the animals, you and your kids can later enjoy in the playground or snack at the coffee shop.

Again, those are only three of the sites that you can visit, you can actually find more once you commence on your trip. Have fun and just enjoy your trip!

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