Kisumu Cattle drive in Kenya
Photo by: greg westfall., Creative Commons

Kisumu is a port city in Kenya’s western border. The third largest city of Kenya, it generates tourist traffic with nearby wildlife and the Lake Victoria. It shares the warm-tropical-equatorial climate in Kenya. Temperatures play at 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

The Kisumu Airport services daily flights to Nairobi and other cities. The ferries of Lake Victoria links Tanzania and Uganda.

One of the city’s main attractions is the Kisumu Museum. It was opened in 1980 and houses live animals for display. It has several outdoor pavilions that contain aquariums and cages. The aquariums contain fish varieties from Lake Victoria. They also have terrariums for snake pits, and crocodile containers too. The most important and most visited pavilion of the museum is the Luo section. The Luo are the first people of Western Kenya.

One interesting site is the Kit Mikayi, which is a gigantic pile of rocks. It serves as an object for legends and religious pilgrimages.

For those interested in the wilds, they may visit the city’s Impala sanctuary. The half-a-square mile sanctuary is a wildlife preserve area. It houses a herd of impala. Injured leopards and baboons are caged and being taken care of here too. Many bird and reptile species are allowed to wander in the sanctuary. Southwest of the area is the “Hippo Point.” This 600 acre land is more visited because of the scenery, rather than the hippos. Here, you can feel oneness with nature. People get to have an unobstructed, panoramic view of the sun setting in Victoria.

The place to stay is not a problem. There are first-class hotels at the center of the city like the Kiboko Bay Resort, Imperial Hotel and the Hotel Marina Kisumu. There, everyone can relax and have a taste of delicious Kenyan foods, and foreign cuisines.

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