A busy street in Kitzbuehel, Austria

Photo by: Estel-uk, Creative Commons

The city of Kitzbuehel, Austria is best known as a high-end ski-resort in central Europe among many seasoned skiing enthusiasts. This reputation of the city is comparable to American counterparts in Aspen and Vail. However, there is more to this city than its expensive and exclusive reputation. It is also known for its charm that is comparable to many fairytale like settings. After all, it has many buildings, houses and streets with designs that look straight out of a long forgotten medieval legend.

But what if the snow is gone and summer arrives? Can Kitzbuehel, Austria retain its sophisticated flair and upscale reputation beyond the skiing season? It certainly can if you will just take a look at these attractions that the city has to offer long after winter has passed.

• Churches – Kitzbuehel has three churches situated within the town center – Pfarrkirche, Liebdrauenkirche and Katharinenkirche – all of which can trace their origins back to the 12th century. These churches feature paintings on the ceilings that are representative of the artistic styles of the period.

• Museums – The area’s main museums are the Heimatmuseum, Bauernhausemuseum and the Bergahnmuseum. Heimatmuseum houses many artifacts and displays that mainly concentrate on the long history of Kitzbuehel. It was built a century after the main churches were completed and provides a repository for local heritage. The Bauernhausemuseum provides a more in depth showcase of what a traditional farmhouse in the area looked like in the past. Lastly, the Bergahnmuseum is all about cable cars. The facility features exhibits that illustrate the evolution of ski lift technology and construction.

• Landscape – Many nature lovers will probably agree that the best part of vacationing in this area beyond the ski season is exploring its natural beauty. Kitzbuehel boasts of almost two hundred kilometers of hiking trails that are clearly marked. Those who become too tired of walking around Kitzbuehel and would like to go further up the surrounding mountains can take advantage of the gondolas, chairlifts and cable cars that are plentiful in the area.

With all these attractions, travelers will surely agree that Kitzbuehel, Austria is not just for rich skiers.

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