Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park

Diorama of the Klondike Gold Rush at the park
Photo by: SteFou., Creative Commons

The Klondike Gold Rush plays a major role in the history of the Yukon. Essentially, the gold rush took place in 1896 and gave birth to the discovery of gold nuggets along Canada particularly in the Klondike Rivers. After the discovery, a gold rush trail has been put up to cater to the wealth seekers and gold finders aiming to accumulate gold from the area. Such surge of visitors brought large population and later on caused migration of communities from nearby areas. Since then, the territory of the area has been defined. All these stories and its remnants have been captured and preserved in the vicinity of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park.

Since Yukon has been established, the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park has been one of the most prominent places to visit. This is because it portrays a vivid visual interpretation of the culture and the history which dates back to centuries. Near the park area is a town where familiar walkways and boardwalks adorn the street and gambling casinos are put up which instantly brings the mood back to when gold was first discovered along the Klondike River.

Being topographically diverse and ultimately beautiful, the mere sight of the area brings forth the memories of its glory days. Its lush green forests, copious wildlife, and breathtakingly striking waterfalls mirror what paradise on earth possibly looks like. One can just wish of having longer days just to enjoy the view of the historic park before the sky turns dark. Thanks to its high latitudinal location, all these views can be enjoyed for a longer period of time during summer. This is because the daylight is abundant for almost 20 hours during summer, but otherwise happens during winter. Hence, it is best to drop by the area during summertime.

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