Sunset at a beach in Knokke, Belgium
Photo by: beckersbert, Creative Commons

Kokke is a city located in Belgium near the Netherlands border. This city is separated from the Dutch territory by the natural reserve they call Zwin. To protect the areas that surround Zwin, dike systems were constructed, and soon became an attraction site for most tourists.

Today, Knokke is regarded as the most exclusive beach city in the country of Belgium. Artists are especially attracted to it because of the beautiful scenery. Restaurants and shopping centers were soon built around the city and became another reason to visit. Tourists enjoy doing water sports in Knokke or they can rent jet skis, sailing boats and surfboards from the resorts around the beach.

Casinos are also present in Knokke as part of its main attractions. Admission is free for anyone who can prove that he is twenty-one years old.

Visiting Knokke’s Zwin Natural Reserve is also a good idea if you’re a nature lover. You’ll definitely love the beautiful birds that thrive in the reserve. Drop by the Butterfly Garden, too, to complete this experience.

Strolling along its long and sandy coastline can be very alluring for people who visit the place. But your fun will not be complete without the 30-minute ride on the miniature train located in the Van Brunnenplein part of the beachfront boardwalk. Riding bicycles is another cool idea, as well as doing picnics and sightseeing.

It is always fun to look at the windmills in Knokke that have 18th century designs. Of course, it is best to come to Knokke during summer and autumn to fully grasp the beauty of the city.

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