Kodomonokuni Theme Park

Kodomonokuni Theme Park boats for rent
Photo by: k yamada, Creative Commons

If you are looking for a place to visit near Tokyo where you can treat your children, Kodomonokuni Theme Park is recommended. It is located in the city of Yokohama, Japan and can be accessed by bus.

Getting there

If you prefer riding a train, keep an eye for the Kodomonokuni Line, Kodomonokuni Station by Tokyo’s Corporation or from Nagatsuta Station. On the other hand, if you take a bus, start your trip from Machida Station.

Kodomonokuni Theme Park, which means “Children’s Country”, is an amusement park that your kids will surely love. Both local and international visitors are making this park as the center of family bonding in Yokohama.

The theme park offers a wide variety of games, inflatable playhouses and cartoon characters, and mini-stores where you can buy treats such as candies for your kids.


Kodomonokuni Park is continuously living its long-term objective to provide utmost fun and excitement to families especially in children. They are striving to improve the park from time to time in order for the kids to fully maximize their young age.

The theme park is roughly 240 acres so your family can have a leisurely walk around the place while enjoying the packed fun brought by different types of amusement. The park is also a home to the following:

Children’s Zoo – Enjoy and take a moment to witness different species and creatures of the wildlife in Kodomonokuni Theme Park’s zoo. You can also educate your kids about animals and their habitat.

Boating Lake – The Park also offers your family the chance to grab that paddle and row your way across the lake. You can also teach your kids on how to maneuver a boat.

Barbecue Site – After strolling and participating in numerous games, a barbecue site will welcome you if you crave for meals and roasted food.

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