Koh Samui

Bophut Beach, sunset at one of many beaches in Koh Samui
Photo by: moohaha, Creative Commons

Want to spend your vacation in a pristine paradise in Southeast Asia? Then Koh Samui is the solution to your problem. The country which is famous for exporting the tropical and juicy pineapple is actually a very relaxing haven. Here are some of the reasons why visitors never fail to come go to Koh Samui.

Chaweng Beach – The most popular beach of tourists and Thais is made up of fine white sand with different umbrella colors and seashells. Jet Skiing, wakeboarding, swimming and all other water sports you can think of are all possible in this area. You can also dine in the famous Starbucks Coffee and Burger King beside the beach whenever you look for comforting foods.

Lamai Beach – The second largest beach of Thailand where Grandfather and Grandmother Rock is situated is quieter than Chaweng. Laid back tourists go here often to have a relaxing ambience rather mingling with other people. However, this place gets busy at night specially when coffee tables are laid out and night bars open until the break of dawn.

Coral Cove Resort – The 200-meter long paradise is actually located at the middle of the two beaches. It is ideal for doing water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving or simply, swimming. This private resorts offer different kinds of accommodations from villas to small bungalows depending on your budget. Nevertheless, you will still have the same landscape even though you invest on the cheapest hotel.

Maenam Beach – Another resort that provides the excellent view for Koh Phangan, where moon festivity are held, is also free from noise every morning. You can also take sight of the 12-meter high Buddha image made with gold materials. You would not get bored here as well since numerous shopping stalls and bars open at night.

Na Muang Waterfall – Yet again, is one of the most visited places in Koh Samui. The purple rock is one of the reasons why this site is treasured by its people. Over 30 meters high, this waterfall is connected by a Safari park where different animals perform.

There are several attractions that were not yet included here. More or less, these are the causes why tourism in the heart of Southeast Asia is rising.

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