Korean Drinks

Soju makes a fantastic Korean drink!
Photo by: Graham Hills, Creative Commons

The Koreans’ habits in terms of the food that they eat show that they generally perceive it necessary to consume drinks right after every meal. With Korean foods, they consume tea and a bit of water.

Korean sweet teas also make good desserts, as they are primarily made from sweetened honey and fruits. Sujunggwa is a persimmon-cinnamon sweet punch. Mesil tea is a sweet tart plum tea. Mo-gwa cha is a tea made with quince. Ggol cha and Ggool tae-chu cha are some examples of Korean honey teas.

While a huge variety of beverages is taken in by the citizens of South Korea as a part of Korean drinks in general, beer is a common staple. Korean beer is one of the most popular Korean drinks consumed in the country. Apart from this, there are also many different traditional drinks in Korea. Fruit juices and coffee are also some of the most popular Korean drinks. Another popular drink is Soju, which is considered a national drink in Korea. Of all the local drinks in Korea, Soju is considered the cheapest of them all. Soju is consumed by many, many people all over the country. Dong-Dong-Ju and Makgeoli are other examples of Korean drinks that are made from potatoes and rice. These drinks in particular are a bit more costly compared to the popular Soju, although people from South Korea love to drink these Korean beverages at all the time as well as everywhere.

Every variety of a Korean drink is supposed to be drunk in a particular manner and in special mugs, cups or tumblers.

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