Korean Soups

Kimchi Chigae can be quite spicy
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At every meal of the day, Koreans typically consume soup or stew. This is the reason why the Korean cuisine has an amazing variety of soups and stews. Many of these stews or soups are extremely hearty and spicy and they typically range from clear broth preparations to miso-based soups. The following are some of the most popular soups and stews in Korea:

Yukaejang is a hearty spicy beef soup in Korea that warms you from your lips to your toes. This Korean soup is particularly full of meat and vegetable and is fiery red, spicy and bold. This soup is a complete meal in a pot which requires very little hands-on but tastes like you spent the entire day preparing for it.

Kongnamul Gook
This Korean bean sprout soup is relatively inexpensive and is very easy to prepare. It has a light, refreshing flavor. This particular Korean soup is healthy, low in calories and rich in vitamin C as it is intended to cure hangovers. For curing colds, you may also add kochukaru or red pepper flakes.

Miyuk Gook
This is a Korean seaweed soup which is also called the “birthday soup” in Korea. This Korean soup mainly made from seaweed is also given to mothers for post-partum recovery after giving birth. This particular soup is naturally low in calories, rich in protein, iron and calcium. It is a healthy and light soup which is good at any meal of the day.

Kimchi Chigae
Kimchi Chigae is a spicy kimchi stew which is served bubbling hot. This Korean stew makes good use of older or leftover kimchi. Kimchi Chigae is hearty, fiery hot and full of flavor, which make it great for cold winter days although it can be eaten anywhere and anytime of the day.

This is a spicy Korean soft tofu stew. This stew in particular manages to be both healthy and hearty all at the same time.

Galbi Tang
Galbi Tang is a rich and delicate short rib soup which is prepared from short ribs Korean radish and glass noodles.

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