Entrance to Port of Kos
Photo by: bazylek , Creative Commons

Kos, Greece is near Turkey and is known for its tourism. Its population is roughly around thirty-two thousand. It has long, pristine beaches and bountiful crops, such as almonds, grapes, figs, corns, wheat, tomatoes, and olives. It is also well organized. To get there, the tourists can book flights in Athens. But on May through October, airlines directly fly from European airports to Kos. KSG or Kos Island International Airport offers a broad range of flights from the European countries. Tourists can also ride domestic or international boats. In the summer, there are weekly ferry services from the town of Kos to Thessaloniki and Samos. Everyday excursions are also done from the town of Kos to Turkey.

Kos also has a Mediterranean climate. It has mostly warm and dry summer days, and wet yet mild winter days. The summer season starts in June and ends in September. The temperatures during these times normally range from twenty-eight to thirty-two degrees Celsius; with night temperatures of about twenty-four degrees Celsius. The winter season, on the other hand, lasts from December until February. The days during winter average around fifteen degrees Celsius while the nights average around ten degrees Celsius. Many sights and great activities are common in Kos. The Nerantzia Castle, the White Stone Cave, and the ancient Roman Oldeon ruins are very nice tourist attractions. The Archaeological Museum and the Kos Waterpark are nice places to visit, as well. In addition, the beaches of Tigaki, Kefalos, and Mastichari are cool places to hang around too.

Many restaurants are also available to tourists such as the Mastichari which is a good place to eat, relax, drink, and enjoy; and the Petrino, which has a unique wine collection. The Tigaki restaurant is another good place with a variety of Greek, Indian, Italian, and other international cuisines. It was first established in the late 1980’s and has been a favorite restaurant of many people. It also has a great menu of vegetarian dishes. And whenever tourists want to dine near the historical castle, they can go to the Platanos restaurant. Its café also serves exceptional desserts. Moreover, other fine restaurants like Stadium and Valia’s Place are accessible, as well. And when it comes time to rest and relax, tourists can check in Sunny Days Hotel or at the Artemis Hotel Apartments for a good nights sleep. But they can also go to Imperial Hotel or to Continental Palace Hotel.

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