Kosice – a view of the city
Photo by: Jiri Brozovsky, Creative Commons

If you are wondering whether to include Kosice on your tour to Slovakia, juts go ahead and do it. It will definitely be worth your time and money as you get to see the beautiful spots and sceneries at the center of East Slovakia. This is the second largest city with a backdrop of a very rich and colorful history.

At the center of town you will see the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth, which boasts off its magnificent Gothic influence. You need not go far and be amazed at other structures with great architectures such as the Urban Tower, the Chapel of St. Michael and the Neo-Baroque State Theatre. The latter is famous because this is the venue where popular orchestras usually hold their shows. For more historical overview and amazement, you must pass by the Katova Citadel and the Mlynska Citadel. These have been through times during the ancient traditions of fortifications to protect the city from its enemies.

There are more to see in the city, so make sure that you have a lot of memory in your cameras. For destinations with historical impact, you should visit the old University, Captain’s Palace, the old Town Hall Liberation Square, the East Slovak Museum and other same buildings with various galleries. You can take a breather at the Municipal Park to relax a bit from your journey, which can be found at an area within the center of the city.

With so many places to go and visit within the area, you have to be equipped with a list to make the most out of the time that you will allot on this trip.

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