Radio Station in Koutiala
Photo by: robinelaine, Creative Commons

Visiting Koutiala in Mali makes for a worthwhile vacation. The ancient Mali culture is still present within the local residents in the city. Upon arriving in the city, you can be surprised by how simple their lives are. While exploring the city, you’ll notice the local style of architecture which reflects their culture as well. Furthermore, the local residents are friendly to their tourists and they will welcome you with their warmest smiles.

While touring Koutiala, it is advisable to roam around the city boarded on a bus in order to appreciate the Mali wildlife that you can found on the borders surrounding the city. Koutiala is also famous for their cotton production and it is their main industry. For this reason, you can expect to see many textile factories manufacturing different kinds of textiles. Try to purchase some fabrics found in the shops to appreciate the residents’ culture reflected in their products. Various souvenir shops can also be found here where you can purchase unique souvenir items that will remind you of Mali.

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