Krabi boat ride
Photo by: Argenberg, Creative Commons

Krabi is not a home for crabs or other crustaceans, rather it is an abode for breath-taking coastlines. This small city can give you a wide range of sandy beaches which is definitely recommended for the whole family. Different activities can be done here including swimming, snorkeling, diving and many more.

Newlyweds can actually spend their honeymoon at Ao Nang Beach, the cleanest and most private resort of Krabi. This limestone beach is very tranquil that walking in the sand is more pleasurable than diving in to the waters. You can also do island hopping to hundreds of undiscovered island in the city. Ten minutes from Ao Nang is the Klai Wang Water Garden where nature is really safe and sound. For relaxation, the place also offers Thai massage for your aching and stressed body.

Next to the beach is Koh Lanta Island. This long white beach holds the address of the old Lanta Town where most of the government and private businesses are seen. The Sea-Gypsy Village exotic rituals and beliefs will take you to another dimension. For flower enthusiasts, try to visit the Orchid Nursery Farm on this island.

If you get tired of island hopping and swimming, you can walk on the trails of Kho Phi Phi National Park. This park contains the primary rain forest with trees that are hundreds of decades older than you. Well-known mangroves are also protected within this vicinity. Although the place was devastated by a tsunami few years ago; it is already reconstructed and refurbished to get the attention it once deserved. You can learn to climb rocks or dive deep into the island to its hired instructors.

January to April is the range of months you will experience the hot summer season of the place. You can wear any swimwear in the island from comfortable one-pieces or fearless bikinis. You can even get naked under the heat of the sun to get an even tan. Eight more beaches are still on the verge of exploration. Visit Krabi and be let your imagination run wild with it’s out of this world beauty.

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