Krakatoa Island

Krakatoa Island 400
Krakatoa Island
Photo by: flydime, Creative Commons

Walking near a volcano seems like a very exciting experience, even more so when the aforementioned volcano has always been active, with explosions every so and so year. Krakatoa Island offers that and much more to people who come to visit this wonderful place.

Krakatoa Island is also known as Krakatau. This name is used to identify a whole group of Islands. The main isle, known as Rakata, is a volcanic isle with the volcano occupying much of the land area resulting from its massive eruption on 1883. What’s interesting about this isle is that within it are three volcanic cones, two of which are considered to be twin volcanoes, though these two were destroyed by the 1883 eruption. Rakata has a crater with a diameter of 2000 feet. Along with the main volcano is also the newly formed volcano, aptly named Anak Krakatau, in the middle of this group of landmass, which emerged from the latter eruption. Since its discovery in 1927, it has steadily been growing and rising above sea level.

Within this area is the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Ujung Kulon National Park. This reserve protects many endangered species, one of them being the Javan rhinoceros. The rhinoceros has a distinctive one horn on its head. Only 50 to 60 remain of this creature. Apart from the rhinoceros, the park is home to many flora and fauna. 57 species of flora found in the park are considered to be rare. Rangers could oversee travelers who want to climb the peak of the mountain. Around the area are magnificent lava formations and volcanic stones that were submerged in the sea, which could be explored by experienced divers. Tourists may trek within the isle. For those wanting to explore the clear waters of the park, swimming, snorkeling, and even fishing is allowed.

A day in Krakatoa Island would show one the beauty of nature, whether it be its destructive or nurturing side.

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