Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park 400
Zebras on the Road
Photo by: Mister E, Creative Commons

If you are planning to go on tour in South Africa, you must make sure that you research first about the places that you ought to visit. There are various resources that you can turn to. The easiest is by going through various websites about tips and other information about the must-see places in this country. You will be amazed at the information that you will get. This can help you create a worthwhile plan to make sure that you will experience nothing but the best on your trip to this place.

Among the spots and beautiful sights in South Africa that you must never miss on your trip is the Kruger National Park. This has been in existence since 1898, making it the oldest of all Africa’s established wildlife parks. This will give you with the most unforgettable safari experience that you will treasure all your life.

The Kruger National Park can be found at the north of Johannesburg. From this point, you have to allot five hours to get to the park by car. The trip will be worthwhile because you will see a variety of wildlife that can still be found in Africa. Among the animals that most tourists look forward to include the Big Five(lion, elephant, cape buffalo, leopard, and the black rhino), giraffe, crocodiles, hippos, cheetah and a lot more. You will enjoy the sight for sure because this place is among the best maintained and well-kept parks in Africa. This can be proven by the good quality of the roads in the area that you won’t need to rent a 4×4 vehicle.

You will find a variety of accommodations at the main rest camps at Kruger. Most lodges can be accessed even by people with mobile disabilities.
These camps come in complete package. Most of these have cottages, chalets, caravan, camp sites, bungalow tents and bushveld camps.

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