View of Kumanovo
Photo by: Jacoby Canady, Creative Commons

The northeast part of Skopje is where the city of Kumanovo can be found. It is a big city with an equally big number of cultures and beliefs. The hybridity of Macedonian and Serbian culture can be found in the ways the residents of the city go about in their daily lives. Every 14th of January, masked revelers appear in the Kumanovo city square. This tradition has been around for over 10 centuries old.

The features of the old can be seen with the new in Kumanovo. In this place, the two opposites coexist to create an atmosphere that is very unique. The town already has various modern establishments which offer tourists the conveniences they need in today’s modern world such as upscale restaurants, shopping malls, sports centers and the ever existent internet cafes. But despite this show of modernity, the city is still an emblem of the old as it features the labyrinth alleyways and the Macedonian roofs lined with terra cotta tiles.

Another unique feature of the city of Kumanovo is the presence of its pristine mineral springs. Many people believe that this water spring clears the eyes and skin from impurities and it is also a wonderful drink for tourists who believe in supernatural effects of the mineral water. That is probably the reason why devotees often fly to Kumanovo—to get their bottles filled with this mineral water.

Visiting Kumanovo is an exhilarating experience. With the vast number of activities that can be done while in here, the guests will surely never run out of things to do while taking their vacation here.

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