Kuressaare Castle
Photo by: madu-ussike, Creative Commons

If you were to go to Estonia, you would probably think of visiting Tallin or Parnu. Although those are pretty good choices, tourists already flock to those places because those cities are famous around the world. However, most natives of the country know that beauty does not only rest on those two places. You can actually find so much more in Kuressaare, Estonia.

Visiting this town can be such an adventure. Staying here, you can mix around and socialize with the locals; dine and drink with them and enjoy a fun time just walking around the streets. The town is pretty small so transportation in moving around is not a problem. You can basically walk to most of your destinations. And speaking of destinations at Kuressaare, one would find it appealing to visit the famous Bishopric Castle which is the town’s main attraction. This castle was built around 1260. You can go inside and buy some souvenirs or just have coffee in their café.

As you walk in Raekojo street, you will see a line-up of old buildings. You can then visit the town hall for more tourist information or go to their museum and art gallery.

And because this town is pretty much understated in most travel information sites, food and hotel accommodation are fairly cheap compared to the bigger cities. You have the option to stay in a hotel or a Bed and Breakfast.

Truly you can have an enjoyable stay at Kuressaare.

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