Crossroads of 3 nations, Myanmar, Laos, and China
Photo by: preetamrai, Creative Commons

There is another side of Myanmar that you might have not seen yet. Aside from the palaces and pagodas, the country has much more to offer. For one, the natural and magnificent landscape of the city of Kyaupyu has a lot of things to capture your attention.

Though a small tourist destination compared to any other known spots in the world, this city offers a complete nature getaway for tourists like you. With the mountain ranges it has in the north and the beautiful islands and waters down south, you need not ask for anything more.

The high mountain ranges of the city are deeply covered by large forests of timber. It is indeed one good sight to entertain the nature-lover in you. What’s more, you can see plenty of unique mud volcanoes here. In fact, the largest mud volcano in Kyaupyu can be found in Cheduba Island, where you can see an occasional discharge of flames. Moreover, there are a lot of useful earth-oil wells in some parts of the city.

Going down to the islands, the magnificent view of a small group of lands amidst narrow ocean water is a feast to the eyes. Exploring one of these islands can surely make your trip with the nature a complete getaway.

So now, what else are you looking for? In a place like this as Kyaupyu, you can experience the mountains, the forests, the sea, the islands, and a lot of what nature has to offer. Indeed, there is no other getaway that can offer you this kind of pristine nature experience.

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