Kyrenia, Cyprus
Photo by: Danny Sullivan , Creative Commons

Kyrenia is located in the northern part of Cyprus. It is a scenic port with only twenty-two thousand residents. Kyrenia is the most well known destination for tourists in the north. Perhaps, the most recommended way to travel around is to use a car. Public transportation is less preferred, that is why there are many cars available for rent. Lapta Dolmus or buses in central Kyrenia are also available for easy access toward the beaches of western Kyrenia.

The Kyrenia Castle is among the popular tourist attractions of Kyrenia. It is a very old castle with an undefined origin. However, it is perceived to be built in the seventh century by the Byzantines. It was used as a penitentiary by its colonizers several centuries back. The Shipwreck Museum is also an interesting attraction. It is found inside the Kyrenia Castle, and the famous preserved ancient shipwreck is housed here. The wreckage is of a wooden mercantile ship that dates back to 306 BC. It was found along the Kyrenian coast in 1967. Amazingly, the goods found inside its four hundred clay jugs remained intact. Moreover, lots of other fun activities may be done in Kyrenia other than visiting these historical attractions. Golfing, walking, scuba diving, paragliding, and turtle watching are really entertaining. Touring on boats is also an enjoyable way to explore the sea and shores.

Many restaurants with good food are abundant here in Kyrenia. Traditional cuisines such as meze, flat breads, kebab, and lahmacun must be tried. There are also many markets selling fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as, meats and cheeses. Bars such as the Runch Bar and Roxanne are accessible. Moreover, the Bellapais is a great place to explore. Plenty of sophisticated restaurants are located here. And comfortable five-star hotels like The Colony Hotel are also available for a lovely stay.

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