La Gran Sabana

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La Gran Sabana, Venezuela
Photo by:
Luis Linero
, Creative Commons

La Gran Sabana is another immensely popular tourist attraction in Venezuela because of its beautiful flora and fauna and amazing natural wonders that most tourists are in search for. Located just outside Canaima National park, La Gran Sabana is where you should be heading for if you want to organize trips around Gran Sabana or in Canaima National Park.

On the road to La Gran Sabana is El Dorado which is a small town made popular through literature. The town’s road leads to Brazil and to La Gran Sabana itself. The town was once a booming mining industry however it was crippled and was eventually stopped.

What You Should Not Miss

Spectacular waterfalls are everywhere in La Gran Sabana especially during the rainy season. A tour to the Angel Falls can also be done from La Gran Sabana and on to Canaima National Park for a certain fee. Also, trekking around the Tepuis is something that you should not miss if you want to explore beautiful tropical wildlife.

What You Should Remember

La Gran Sabana is officially under protection by Canaima National Park. All tours done should be guided and they should have permits from the officials to avoid having any problems.

Before getting into La Gran Sabana, it is advised that you stock up on essential needs like food and other materials since most items sold in Gran Sabana are either too expensive or unavailable. From the Orinoco towns, you can ride buses that regularly have trips to Canaima and La Gran Sabana.

Before taking your trips, it is advised that you consult weather forecasts to avoid getting too wet. From May to November, you can expect more waterfalls and more rain but it is still advisable that you still travel at this span of time if you want to see the surreal beauty of La Gran Sabana.

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