La Jolla Beach Town

Shores off La Jolla
Photo by: AMagill, Creative Commons

The Jewel – this is the nickname given to La Jolla, a beach town gifted with amazing landscapes and cliffs. With a beautiful coastline fronting the Pacific Ocean, electing beach culture, and 11 kilometer long sprawling coastline, indeed, naming La Jolla, the Jewel has never been more apt.

La Jolla’s economy comes from strong tourism. The beaches provide the best kind of attraction with many beaches with characteristic rocky terrain and sandy coast. Some of La Jolla’s best beaches are the Wind and sea Beach, Wipeout Beach, La Jolla shores, Black’s Beach, La Jolla cove and others. Given the many beach destinations, the town is also famous as a weekend retreat from many residents of California. Seaside restaurants and businesses were also established, further attracting more tourists year after year.

La Jolla is also home to University of California, San Diego. That’s why most of the tourists and the residents comprise of youthful individuals. Other university, such as National University, is also based here. The pertinent youth culture has made La Jolla a bustling town, full of activities. There are also a lot of mid-sized hotels and Bed and Breakfast inns for your accommodations.

Apart from beach bumming, you can also go sight seeing especially at La Jolla’s Mount Soledad, which is built with various narrow roads which lead to many homes that are found along the cliffside. An interesting monument called the Mount Soledad Easter Cross which was erected in memory of soldiers who fought during the Korean War. La Jolla is also home to the Torrey Pines Golf Course, which is one of the multi awarded golf course all over America.

La Jolla is a historical town as well, and the experience is better encapsulated through the La Jolla History Walking Tours where you can enjoy marveling at the colonial houses and establishments of La Jolla. Apart from that, you can pay a visit at the Museum of Contemporary Art which was established in 1915.

San Diego’s La Jolla is bounded by the ocean in all of its three sides.

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