La Paz

A busy highway in La Paz, Bolivia.

Photo by: neilspicys , Creative Commons

La Paz is an attractive city, which is continuously expanding its opportunities for economic growth through tourism. It has over a million of inhabitants. La Paz has multiple micro-climates based on the altitude of each zone. The Aranjuez zone is at 3,300 meters above sea level while the town center is at 3,650 meters. El Alto is at 4,082 meters.

During summer, the average temperature in La Paz is 22C or 72F while during winter; the temperature is usually 15C or 59F. In addition, rainstorms can be expected during summer afternoons. The days in La Paz during winter are a bit cooler although the sky is sunny and clear.

Some of the main attractions in La Paz, Bolivia include the following:

• Presidential Palace – This main attraction in La Paz is also referred to as the Burnt Palace or Palacio Quemado because of several fires that inflicted the building in the past years.
• Museo de Etnografia y Folklore – This main attraction was a house built during the late 1700s. It includes arts and customers of ethnic groups such as Avoreos and Chipayas.
• The Cathedral – This main attraction was built in 1835. It stands as a very impressive building in the Plaza Murillo near the Presidential Palace.
• Museo Nacional de Arqueologia – This main attraction includes different collections of artifacts from the Tiahuanacu culture.
• Casa Museo Marina Nuñez del Prado – This main attraction exhibits Aymara and Quechua sculptures made by renowned Bolivian artist, Marina Nuñez del Prado.

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