La Romana

La Romana, Dominican Republic
Photo by: Felicidade , Creative Commons

La Romana and its surrounding area has everything for a perfect getaway vacation. If you have heard from friends how great their adventure was during their trip to Saona Island, then La Romana is a good starting point for an excursion to nearby islands of Catalina and Saona.

La Romana is located west of Punta Cana and east of the capital city of Santo Domingo. Juan Dolio, where the nearest beach resort is located is only 40 minutes away and Boca Chica is located a one hour drive to the west. One can also enjoy a trip to Casa de Campo, which would only take you 25 minutes to reach the beaches of Dominicus and Bahayibe.

One of the attractions of La Romana is the Altos de Chavon Artists Village. It is a community pulsating with culture settled above Chavon River. It boasts of cobblestone streets, fountains made of coral stones, and terra cotta architecture which have the ability to transform you back to another time. The village is designed by Italian architect, Robert Coppa, who also worked for Paramount as a movie set creator. He designed the village in the late 1970s to capture the essence of southern Italy and southern Spain and how they looked like in the 15th century. Today, tourists can lose themselves in the variety of craft workshops, studios and galleries of different artists, and of course, a stretch of dining shops.

The St. Stanislau Church has been the home of many weddings and this is attributed to the romantic vibe emanated by Altos de Chavon. Its 5,000-seat amphitheatre is the home of the village’s performing arts since it was inaugurated by one of the music industry’s most illustrious name, Frank Sinatra. Today, it still showcases performances by famous artists around the world.

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