Labrang Monastery

Labrang Monastery 400
Labrang Monastery
Photo by: mariachily, Creative Commons

The Labrang Monastery is known as one of six big monasteries of Gelugpa. Made of wood and stone, the Labrang monastery holds a great and admirable architectural influence that awes the visitor.

A structure at the foot of the Mt. Phoenix, the Labrang Monastery sits at the north western portion of Xiahe County in the Gannan Tibetan Nationality Autonomous Prefecture. The Labrang Monastery also provides a good view of the Dragon Mountain and stands by the Daxia River. The Phoenix and Dragon Mountains have been part of a well known legend including the Labrang Monastery.

The Labrang Monastery has a Tibetan influence. The two white towers of the Labrang Monastery located both in the northeast and northwestern parts of the monastery are symbols related to the whole structure.

The halls of the monastery are in a crescent shape. The Buddha halls and the Grand Sutra in the Labrang Monastery are located on the northwestern part which is centered on the grand Sutra Hall. The Grand Sutra Hall of the Labrang Monastery is the primary location for worship. Built in shrines and portraits of Buddha are placed on the walls and the walls are decorated elegantly.

There are more than a thousand Buddha statues made from different types of materials like gold and silver are present in the Labrang Monastery. There are also statues made from other materials like ivory and jade. All statues in the monastery have kind faces.

The Labrang Monastery possesses a lot of Buddhist treasures and Buddhist hats. Treasures decorated with emerald, jade, and other precious stones hold great value and are well treasured by the Buddhist monks.

Large summon ceremonies are also being held in the Labrang Monastery. Some of the grand ceremonies done annually are the Buddhist Doctrine Explaining Ritual done in the seventh month of the lunar calendar and the Summons Ceremony which is done during the first month of the lunar calendar.

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