Lagos City in Portugal
Photo by: girolame, Creative Commons

Lagos which is defined as lake in English is a city at the river Bensafrim belonging to the Algarve region along the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in Southern Portugal and has a population of 27 thousand people. The city has historic significance and is also a major tourist destination because of its beaches. Majority of Lagos locals have made their settlements along the coastline and are employed in tourism activities. The areas away from the coastline are used for agricultural purposes.

The economy of Lagos relies on fishing and other activities related to the sea. Like many coastal areas in Portugal, the city has also generated a large part of its income from tourism and similar industries. The city has a typical Mediterranean climate perfect for people who would like to experience sunny weather. It has beaches perfect for visitors as well as picturesque scenery. Aside from the beach attractions, a trip to the city can expose tourists to its historical and religious artifacts exemplified by the old churches and structures which are magnificently breathtaking.

Places in Lagos worth touring include the Golden Coast grottos known locally as Grutas da Costa d’ Oiro, the Alvor Lagoon, the National forest of St. John’s Baro and the Mercy Point. Lagos has also amenities such as hotels and lodges as well as world class restaurants and bars that give the city a vibrant nightlife. Lagos has a rich cultural tradition as evidenced by the architecture, food and other artworks.

For food trippers, specialties include desserts made from figs, almonds and eggs known locally as morgados or Dom Rodrigos. Moscatel wine is a must try upon visiting the area because of its strong distinct scent derived from the local strawberries. Lagos is a major producer and exporter of wine in Portugal.

Being a tourist spot, Lagos offers many activities such as grotto tours, cliff walking, old town exploration, sailing, parasailing, water skiing, dolphin safari, zoo, golf and many other amenities. Entertainment is also active with cafes, restaurants and other establishments that cater to party loving people.

With this, wait no more and visit the great and hospitable city of Lagos the next time you are in Portugal.

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