Lake Anza

Serene Lake Anza
Photo by: Cam Vilay, Creative Commons

Lake Anza is found in the Tilden Regional Park, one of the three oldest preserves in the East Bay Regional Park District. The laidback ambiance compliments the more pro-adventure ambiance of the park that is a favorite venue of nature lovers and adventure seekers.

The trail to Lake Anza may be a little bit challenging, but once you get there, the serene view of the lake and its tranquil surroundings will surely feel like a great reward for all the trouble you’ve been through on your way.

There are many activities that you may engage into when you visit Tilden Regional Park and swimming in Lake Anza is one of them. Do so after a tiring hike or once you are done strolling around the park. Kids and adult alike will definitely enjoy dipping into the calm waters of the lake, which will truly be both relaxing and energizing.

Other than swimming, children may also go fishing in Berkeley Lake Anza. This is a nice bonding activity between the kids and their parents. In this age of modern technology, it is good to see kids focus their attention on some real physical activities, away from handheld gaming consoles and the Internet, even for just a short while.

A little reminder, just like when swimming in the beach or in a water park, always make sure that the kids, especially the very young ones, are accompanied by adults at all times. Floaters would be helpful in making sure that everyone stays safe in the water. The best time to swim in the lake would be mid-morning and late afternoon when the heat of the sun is bearable.

After a nice swim at the lake, gather your family and friends for a hearty meal of burgers and barbecue that you grilled yourself. Now that would be a perfect picnic for you and your loved ones.

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