Lake Baringo

Ostrich visiting a school at Lake Baringo
Photo by: Koen Muurling, Creative Commons

If there is a paradise on the earth’s greatest scar, it would be Lake Baringo. This lake on the northern most region of the Great Rift Valley is the place to enjoy calmness and closeness with nature.

Here, up to 500 bird species can be found. There is large biodiversity too. This fresh water lake serves as a home for crocodiles and hippos. Tourists visiting Kenya never misses to go to this lake, to experience the wilderness and the calm solitude. The climate is warm, tropical-equatorial. Throughout the year, the temperature plays around 24 to 34 degrees Celsius.

The main attraction is the lake itself. Together with Naivasha, they are the only two non-soda lakes in the rift. This attracts a huge number of mammals and reptile species. The fresh water fishes serve as food for the birds, including the rare types. One can hire an ornithologist to tag along with the trip. They can provide important information on bird species.

Marigat is the main town closest to the lake. Expert tour guides can be hired from here. Other than exploring the wilderness and the animal species, people can enjoy the water activities too. People can go water skiing or wind surfing. Fishermen also offer rides to explore the center of the lake. They may also hire camels for a ride. At the end of the day, people can visit the Njemps’ villages to taste their exotic meals, and dance to their music.

Visitors can choose from the comfortable campsites, each with complete amenities. The “Lake Baringo Club” and the “Island Camp” have double tents, public and private bathrooms and swimming pools too.

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