Lake Clark National Park

View of Lake Clark National Park in Alaska
Photo by: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

For backpackers, hikers, and travelers alike, a trip to the state of Alaska can never be complete without a day filled with adventure at the Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. With the wide variety of natural entities and breathtaking views in the area, it is impossible for a nature enthusiast to not include this in his or her list of dream destinations.

Whatever you imagine springing out from the beautiful state of Alaska is well-represented in this natural park. From mountains, glaciers, and volcanoes up to lakes and rivers, everything can be seen in the preserve. Hence, the Lake Clark National Park and Preserve represents the real Alaskan outdoor adventure. Its vibrant colors and rich ecosystem is sure to entice every passerby. Up until this day, not a single park equates to the beauty of this long-time favorite destination.

Since its launching during the 1980’s, the protection and preservation of the area has been taken as the highest priority. Hence, there is no wonder why lush rainforests and diverse wildlife still exists even after couples of decades have passed by.

Exploring the natural elements found in the area is just one way of enjoying the park. There are also other fun activities which are equally satisfying and relaxing. You can opt to observe the traditional lifestyle in the area and be in awe at how each resident managed to preserve not just the environment, but the entire culture as well.

The park is also very expansive as its total size is roughly bigger than the entire Connecticut state. With millions of acres of natural wonders and diverse life forms, the park is truly a paradise. So for adventure-seekers and nature lovers, a visit to the Lake Clark National Park and Preserves can be the perfect opportunity to be exposed to the wonders of the wilderness and the serenity of the nature.

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