Lake District of Argentina

Lake District of Argentina 400
Lake District of Argentina
Photo by: Brian Holsclaw , Creative Commons

The Lake District of Argentina stretches from the town of Junin de los Andes in the north to Cholila in the south. As the name suggests, this region has around twenty lakes where the largest is Nahuel Huapi on the shores of Bariloche.

Almost all nature-oriented activities are offered in the towns located in the Lake District. Visitors can go trekking, skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, and fishing. Fishing is especially popular among tourists who go there to for the ultimate Patagonia fishing experience. This is one of Argentina’s most popular tourist destinations with thousands of visitors coming every year.

The towns scattered around the Lake District provide travelers with many options for accommodations and adventures in addition to arranging expeditions for fishing and hiking in the mountains. The largest town is Neuquen. It acts as a hub for transportation in and out of the region. At the town’s outskirts are paleontological sites and wineries. For those who are into outdoor activities, it is best to set up camp in Bariloche. It is also the starting point for those who wish to go further to southern Patagonia and Chile. Backpackers often flock to El Bolson. Nature lovers will feel right at home here as vegetarian foods, sweets, and jams are made from local produce. The lakeside villages of Villa Traful and San Martin de los Andes are also worthy of a quick visit. The northern part of Chos Malal offers visitors the chance to explore volcanoes, lagoons, and hot springs.

Locals visit the Lake District in July and August for skiing holidays, while January is the top month for aquatic activities in the lakes and hiking in the mountains.

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