Lake Khövsgöl

Lake Khovsgol – Mongolia
Photo by: Zoharby, Creative Commons

The Lake Khovsgol is to the northwest of Mongolia and shares its borders with Russia. It is Mongolia’s second largest lake and it is located 1645 meters above the sea level and it measures about 136 km long.

The lake features about 70% of fresh water and it is also Asia’s second largest freshwater lake. The lake combines with Egiin Gol River in the south that links with Lake Baikal and Selenge River. At this place the water travels about 1000 meters and it is about 1169 meters above the sea level.

The lake is bounded by mountains, among them is the Burenkhaan Mountain that measures 3492 meters high. Winters are very cold and as a result the lake freezes. At this time ice covers the lake and become very solid that it serves as shortcuts for the heavy vehicles. In the present day this route is closed during the winters in order to save the lake from pollution such as oil leaks from the vehicles.

The water here is in blue color and it is said that the Lake Khovsgol is very old. It is the major water source for Mongolia because of its freshwater and the wide variety of fish seen in the lake. The lake area also features a national park which is home to wildlife such as wolverine, brown bear, musk deer, sable, Siberian moose, wolf, elk and ibex.

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