Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park
Photo by: stignygaard , Creative Commons

If you’re an adventurous, thrill-seeking and nature loving person, this is the haven for you.

Lake Manyara National Park is well known for its abundance of birds. There are also different varieties of trees which include sausage trees, umbrella trees, baobabs, yellow fever trees and doum palms. There are over 400 species of birds. Some examples are pink flamingos, yellow-billed storks, herons and cockscrews. Mto Wa Mbu is the most popular mosquito creek that you will ever see. It is a small park with mammals including zebras, lions, baboons, impalas, wild beasts, hippos, elephants and buffalos. It is a perfect place for rest and tranquility because it guarantees you a relaxing ambiance to enjoy.

Other than the beautiful scenery there are many other activities to experience. Some of the sports and exercises that you can do here are biking, nature walks, horse riding and rappelling.

The word Manyara comes from the word Maa which is the language of the Maasai, which is the tree plant used to create hedges. The whole place occupies 230 square kilometers. Two thirds of the park is an alkaline lake so the place is mostly submerged in alkaline water.

Tree-climbing lions are also a thrill to see, because they’re the only ones in the world. They are sometimes the only reason why people actually come and pay to visit. There are also rare mahoganies and acacias, which are the only places where lions could find themselves at home. The place is also homes to a lot of baboons-which also makes it concentrated on primate families.

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