Lake Maracaibo

Lake Maracaibo 400
Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
Photo by: Jabbusch , Creative Commons

Lake Maracaibo has been a favorite destination by both locals and foreign tourists. The development of Maracaibo has made the lake a much accessible tourist attraction which is why more tourists are visiting the western part of Venezuela.

Lake Maracaibo is situated near the center of the city where parks and buildings are situated. The rapid development of the city where big shopping malls and buildings are rising made Maracaibo a very important city in Venezuela. Though Maracaibo is already well developed, you can still enjoy some natural wonders that are still present.

What You Should Not Miss

The Bridge over Lake Maracaibo is something that you should not miss when visiting Lake Maracaibo. The bridge which is the largest concrete bridge in the world was built in 1957 and is recognized as one of the most impressive structures in Venezuela.

You should not forget to visit the Palafitos in Santa Rosa de Agua which is located up north of Maracaibo. The buildings which are constructed by native Venezuelans are made from wood. These buildings are impressively constructed on top of water.

Visiting the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Chiquinquira is something that you should not miss. The Basilica is located at downtown Maracaibo and is also another popular tourist attraction situated near Lake Maracaibo. The Basilica was built in dedication to the apparition of the Virgin Mary to a Native Venezuelan back in the colonial era.

What You Should Remember

Travelling to Maracaibo is very easy nowadays since flights from Florida and other parts of the United States to Maracaibo airport are scheduled daily. From La Chinita Airport, taking a taxi will be an easy and a cheap way to get into a hotel.

Malls and parks are abundant in Maracaibo. If you are planning to visit other attractions in Venezuela, you can make your preparations in Maracaibo through acquiring tour packages and exchanging your money to the local currency.

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