Lakshadweep Islands

The Lakshadweep Islands are located in the union territory of India, which is 200 to 300 km from the Kerala coast. Lakshadweep Islands is also known as the ‘Collection of Islands’.

Lakshadweep Islands contains 10 or more Islands where each island has different cultures and traditions. Coconuts are mainly cultivated in these islands and these coconuts are regarded as the world’s best.

People at Lakshadweep Islands used to be Hindus. In the 14th century, people at Lakshadweep Islands were changed to Islam. Ubaidullah, an Arab saint was the person who brought Islam to Lakshadweep Islands. Recent studies have proved the existence of Buddhism in the period 6th to 7th century.

Bitra Island

Bitra Island is one of the largest islands among Lakshadweep Islands. A shrine is located on the island which is devoted to Malik Mulla (an Arab saint). The burial of Malik Mulla was took place on Bitra Island. In the present day, the shrine is a great pilgrimage place.

Kiltan Island

The Kiltan Island is the smallest among the Lakshadweep Islands. The circumference of the Island is about 3 km. Kiltan Island serves as a sea route between Sri Lanka and the Persian Gulf.

Kadmat Island

The Kadmat Island is of 8 km length. The water bodies which are shallow in depth are an attraction here and a great spot to the water sports. The resort rooms display the scenic beauty of the Island and dolphins play during the sunrise.

Amini Island

The Amini Island is the first Island to be discovered among the other Lakshadweep Islands. The shape of the Amini Island is oval and the Amini Island is known to be the safest Island which has a depth of only 10 meters. Walking sticks made with tortoise and coconut shells is a special attraction here.

Kavaratti Islands

A major tourist destination spot, the water bodies are very shallow compared to the other islands. This island is the most favorable place for water sports. The main attraction of the Island is the aquarium, which displays a wide variety of aquatic life.

Kalpeni Island

Kalpeni Island has a great scenic beauty. The tides at Kalpeni Island are very low at some seasons, so that one can walk to the Cheriyam Island from the rock structures to the Kalpeni Island. The only accommodation in this Island is the Koomel Beach Resort, consuming alcohol is prohibited in the Island.

Traveling to Lakshadweep Islands:

By water: Traveling by water is a remarkable journey, the islands are operated by several passenger ships starting from Kochi and Calicut.

By Air: – Agatti is the only island which has an airport among all the islands. There are frequent flight services from Kochi city.t

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