A Lamu sailor
Photo by: Giustino, Creative Commons

Lamu is Kenya’s old town. And in this case, “old” means good. It has escaped the great modernization trend of coastlines in Kenya. Therefore, it still offers that “getting one with nature” experience.

There are daily flights to this region of Kenya. The airport is at Manda Island. Then you can go to the target island by 10 minute boat ride.

The town of Lamu is the largest in Lamu Island, a part of Kenya’s Lamu Archipelago. It shares the warm and tropical climate of mainland Kenya. Temperature ranges from 20 to 30 degrees. It can be reached through boat taxis. Upon reaching the place, tourists will quickly spot its difference from the busy city landscape.

One can lazily sit or lay down in the Town Square, with the trees’ shade. The Swahili cuisine serves foods of exotic and appealing tastes. Since the place is blessed with marine riches, one can enjoy fresh sea foods too. There are large juicy crabs and tasty jumbo lobsters.

People can have a walking tour on Lamu’s old town, accompanied by warm local guides. They also have the Old Fort and several museums in the town. These spots reflect the long history of the island in trading and exporting raw materials.

At the heart of the town are some department stores. You can go shop for leatherworks and nice clothes. There are beautifully crafted silver accessories too. Lamu is also known for their fine wood carved furniture and souvenirs.

Water activities in the island are at their best during the dry season. November to March is perfect for snorkeling. The coral reefs around the island are very rich and beautiful. You can even swim with the dolphins. After swimming, you can rent a camel to walk the 14-kilometer Kipungani beach.

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