Large Animal Research Station

Muskoxen and young
Photo by: Liz (, Creative Commons

If you love wildlife and you want to see animals which you do not normally see in person in everyday life, a visit to the Large Animal Research Station is perfect for you. Found in Fairbanks, Alaska, you will surely enjoy getting to see domestic reindeer, caribou and the famous muskoxen. It is an educational site which is highly recommended for everyone, most especially with kids. A visit to the research station does not only give people a chance to see wildlife, but it also allows them to learn more things about nature. Aside from seeing these animals, you will also get to hear and gain information.

There are times when the animals will not go near you, so it is suggested to have binoculars with you. You do not have to worry though, because most of the time, you will get to see these animals up close, you may even get to touch them with the assistance of the tour guide who will accompany you. The sight of the animals with their babies is sure to thrill you. You will get to see how the mothers take care of their offspring.

A visit to a place like this once in a while will open your eyes and make you realize that you should take care of the environment really well. The animals which you see and encounter at the research stations will stop growing in numbers if you do not start caring for nature. Aside from the amazing experience of getting in contact with the animals, the most important thing that a visit in the research station will teach you is to be respectful of the things in the wild.

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