Larnaca, Cyprus
Photo by: glenbowman, Creative Commons

Larnaca is the oldest city in Cyprus. Its earliest settlers were believed to have inhabited the place more than six thousand years ago. There are two parts to the city with one being historical and the other is filled with modern restaurants and hotels near the beautiful beaches. Larnaca’s airport, the Larnaca International Airport, is also the largest in Cyprus. And whenever the tourists’ flight comes at a particular time of the day, they will be able to see the shadow of a famous shipwreck. It is known as the wreck of Zenobia. Divers from different parts of the world come to Larnaca to see it. The ship had sunk on its first voyage in 1980 due to a malfunctioned system. It is forty-two meters under the sea but its topmost part is easily reachable at eighteen meters.

Furthermore, Larnaca, Cyprus is known for its seaside restaurants that offer marvelous seafood cuisines. Kantara, Ganga, and Rendez-Vous are the best. True, dining in these restaurants is very expensive. But it is all worth it because they also offer a large selection of fine wines. However, great food may also be found in less expensive restaurants like Militzis and Hobo’s. Additionally, the Church of St. Lazarus makes a beautiful landmark to visit. It is an Orthodox Christian church that dates back in the ninth century and is believed to be built just about the tomb of Lazarus.

For some exciting nightlife, Larnaca has a line of lively bars. Club Deep is among the most well-known bars in the area. There are also lots of hotels such as the Blue Serenity Private Villa, which is a lavish place. The Sandbeach Castle Hotel, on the other hand, is a cheap but clean place to stay. There are also apartments that are already furnished, so tourists will be comfortable. These are all located near the seaside for a beautiful view. Prices are slightly increased during the winter seasons though. But the overall prices are well worth the quality of the places.

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