Saladin Castle
Photo by: Ai@ce, Creative Commons

Latakia is recognized by the locals as the main port city of Syria. It is where commercial boats and cruises often dock from travelling the Mediterranean Sea. But apart from just being a regular port, this city also happens to be one of the thriving industrial and manufacturing sites in Syria. And because of the influx of people brought about the cruises and the trade in the place, the city decided to convert some of the cleaner beaches to resorts and their shores to hot shopping spots. While the sceneries on the beach are a sight to behold, one should not be led into thinking that those are the only things that the place can offer.

Like its neighboring towns and cities in Syria, it also has some historical sites that you may want to see. What exactly are those sites? Here are some of them.

Saladin Castle
This castle was built by the Knights of Templar during the Crusades held in the early 1100’s. Situated on top of a hill, in the middle of two steep and equally dangerous ravines, this fortress used to protect the Crusaders from possible Arab invasions. In 1188 however, the stronghold fell in the hands of Saladin – a fierce ruler with whom the structure was eventually named after.

Ugarit or Ras Shamra
Now this is where you should be heading if you are the type of person who absolutely digs anything and everything that has to do with ancient civilizations. Why? This is because the place is in fact the oldest and largest port in the history of the world! Some archaeologists even say that the city has thrived as far back as 2,500 years before Christ.
During its prime it was even believed to have held great libraries, complexes, water systems and several castles. Unfortunately, almost all those were destroyed when the Philistines invaded the city.

This is a haven for every scholar who wants to study ancient language. This is because the museum holds some of the huge stone tablets that showcase the alphabet of the old Syrian language.

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