Dusk by the lake in Lausanne
Photo by: delaere, Creative Commons

Lausanne is another French-speaking city in Switzerland, and if you’re wondering about what sets it apart from the other French-speaking cities, that would be the seat of International Olympic Committee which is right at the heart of Lausanne. So, it wouldn’t be surprising to note that a lot of sporting activities take place in the city. Water sports, mountaineering, cycling, ice hockey, football, swimming, skating, baseball, marathon and running are among the favorite sports of the people in Lausanne.

Yearly, athletic contests such as road running occur through the city streets, Tour de Romandie or road cycling competition, marathon, triathlon and other sporting events are held in Lausanne.

The city also showcases their culture through different annual events. They have Prix de Lausanne every January which is a world renowned week-long dance competition taking place at Theatre de Beaulieu. Every July, they also have this Festival de la Cite or Feast of the City, and they host many other festivals throughout the year.

Just like other cities, monuments and museums are the popular sites of attraction for tourists. Notre Dame de Lausanne is the most famous monument in Lausanne, and museums such as Olympic Museum, Elysée Museum, Art Brut Collection, Lausanne History Museum, Science Center for Kids, and Cantonal Botanical Museum and Gardens among others are the hotspots of the city.

Nature lovers and art enthusiasts would be overwhelmed with the Mediterranean plant species and Gothic-style architectures found in the parks and the old town respectively.

The city’s proximity to Lake Geneva gives it that mild climate. Cool breeze from the lake and warm humid winds from the Atlantic marks its summer months, which are usually hottest between July and August. The climate becomes cooler when autumn comes in September, and snow falls on December.

Beau-Rivage Palace along the shoreline of port Ouchy and Hotel de l’Angleterre are among the grand palace hotels in the city that are busy accepting visitors all year round.

You won’t go wrong if you choose Lausanne as one of your destinations when you make your tour of Switzerland.

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