Skiing on a scenic day in Lech Austria.

Photo by: joaomaximo, Creative Commons

Most average tourists have probably not heard of Lech, Austria – and with good reason. This place is geographically secluded at a high altitude of almost one thousand five hundred kilometers in the Bludenz District of the Alpine region and is thinly populated with just a little over one thousand four hundred residents spread thinly over a territory of just 90 square kilometers.

In spite of its seemingly insignificant profile on the world tourism map, Lech, Austria has gained quite a reputation as a highly exclusive ski resort catering to an ultra-high income clientele consisting of Hollywood celebrities such as Tom Cruise, and members of European royal families such as Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the late Princess Diana of Great Britain. This town’s exclusivity became more affirmed when it was selected as a backdrop setting for movies such as “Bridget Jones Diary 2.”

The winter ski season is understandably the time of year when the facilities in the town are most in demand. Travelers during this season usually do the following: strolling on winter wonderland trails to visiting rural chapels in the area, engage in high-energy cross country skiing, enjoy leisurely horse drawn sleigh rides, execute artistic moves on ice skating rinks, and bask in the rush of toboggan runs.

In contrast, every summer in Lech, Austria heralds the arrival of quieter times. The fewer number of travelers who go to the area are fortunate to take advantage of therapeutic services offered by health and fitness facilities, especially during summer. The town assumes a more authentic and traditional feel during this time of the year by celebrating village life with intimate festivals. These events are perfect opportunities for summer tourists to share in the true-to-life experiences of local residents. Additionally, there are many hiking tours along flowery mountainside meadows, alpine sports programs and even golf lessons that are offered, making every summer an equally rewarding yet more tranquil season to visit the region.

Lech truly preserves its exclusivity all year round with all the activities, services and amenities that local establishments offer with great pride.

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