Leiden – “Some Enchanted Evening”
Photo by: motumboe, Creative Commons

Leiden in the Netherlands is famed for being an old university town and the birthplace of one of the most influential Dutch masters, Rembrandt. This town is located in South Holland and a must visit for tourists from all around as it has a friendlier demeanor compared to its neighbors. It’s a vibrant city that is full of excitement and adventure, especially to the young backpacking crowd looking for a place where they can express their creative side and be exposed to higher learning. But just because Leiden has the reputation of being the breeding grounds for some of the greatest minds in Dutch history, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have a boring visit. There is just so much to discover that a day is not enough to scratch the surface of what the true Leiden experience is all about.

The best way that you can explore the city of Leiden is by embarking on a long walking tour along the old city center. Be fascinated and spend hours reading poems from all over the world on the Muurgedichten. This poem wall, a project that began in 1992, boasts of having 80 poems, 25 of which you will be able to see yourself if you go on the guided tour. It’s about 2 hours long so make sure that you bring along everything you need like water and a light snack in order to endure the long walk. You can also explore the courtyards of some of the houses in the city for a minimal fee with a tour guide.

There are a number of small annual music and films festivals that are held in Leiden Netherlands each year so if you’re lucky to find one happening around the time of your visit, you should make it a point to see what the hustle and bustle is all about. events that you should take note of include the Leidsch Filmfestival, the Leidsche bluesweek and the Leidsche lakenfeesten. To know if your visit is just in time with any ongoing festivals, you can check out the Zomer in Leiden.

What are you waiting for? Come to Leiden and experience it first hand.

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