Lemaire & Neumayer Channels

Lemaire & Neumayer Channels 400
Lemaire & Neumayer Channels
Photo by: cloudzilla , Creative Commons

Make your Antarctica expedition more memorable by including the Lemaire & Neumayer Channels in your travel itinerary. These channels happen to be one of the favorite tourist destinations since it is one of the most magnificent places to see in Antarctica. It is such narrow passage, so before you pack your bags to make this first stop, check with the locals if the passage is open. There are times when glaciers as big as the cruise ship you rode goes through the narrow passage blocking the entire portion of the channel.

Since the glacier is just passing through, it shall be cleared in no time. You would really feel as if you are the king or queen of the world since the moment you pass through the Lemaire & Neumayer Channels, penguins and seals will greet you. They are also one of the reasons why tourists seem to be so enamored with the place. In addition to these playful animals, occasionally whales drop by and even follow your zodiacs around.

Zodiacs are not only at night in the form of constellations. These are what you call small inflatable boats. They are safe to ride and have brought thousands of adventurous tourists through the Lemaire & Neumayer Channels! So always keep your cameras ready for the entire duration of the trip so you don’t miss a photo opportunity. Did you know the channel even has a nickname for camera buffs? They call it the Kodak Gap since you can really take amazing shots when you pass through the narrow passage.

What actually attracts tourists to Antarctica is the extended time that daylight is present. Even if you are not a professional photographer, you will appreciate the magical natural lights that are so beautiful when you take your shots.

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