Church Facade in Lentvaris
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Lentvaris, Lithuania is located in eastern Lithuania, some nine kilometers east from Trakai. Lake Lentvaris is located just near the city. It was then called Pietuchowo during the 18th century, and lead by the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth government. The city was then part of Poland in 1922, and then, along with the neighboring town of Kretynga, became new established Lithuanian contingents by the 1940s.

Things to do while in Lentvaris, Lithuania:

Old Building of the Train Station – although it is merely a train station to many, it serves as an important landmark in the history of railroad. T was constructed way back in 1862 and was the first train station in Lithuanian territory. It still has that old red brick literature. Inside the building are some information on the history and paintings of railroads and trains.

Eduard Andre Park – Eduard Andre is a famous French park designer, who was invited to Lentvaris to design some parks. It is said that his best designed parks can be found in Lithuania (Traku Voke, Planga, Uzutrakis, and of course Lentvaris). Make sure not to miss visiting the park for a chance to unwind.

The Palace of Tiskevicius – the Red Palace of Tiskevicius has an English neo-Gothic style, an architectural style that’s quite rare in Lithuania. The palace stands on the banks of Lentvaris Lake.

The Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary – More than a hundred years old, the church has a unique neo-Romantic architectural style, with a little Spanish and Moorish influence.

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