Rupunini Savannah
Photo by: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

Lethem is the largest town in the Rupununi region of Guyana, and is the main commercial center of the Rupununi Savannah, where many of the country’s cattle ranches are located, which are manned by vaqueros or Spanish cowboys. With the influx of tourists to the area, Lethem has become tourist-friendly, with restaurants, stores and a telecommunications station set up to serve the needs of visitors. The ranches have also opened their doors to guests, and you can book accommodations at many of them.

The majority of visitors who come to Lethem take nature safaris across the savannah to enjoy the area’s abundant animal and plant species. Bicycle rentals are available, as are horseback rides. Locals can also be hired as guides to lead tours into the interior. Other popular attractions are the Kanuku Mountains which bisect the Savannah, and Mt. Roraima, the highest point in Guyana, which lies on the country’s border with Brazil and Venezuela. Of course, the world-renowned Kaieteur Falls is just a short ride away. Guests can also do some souvenir hunting at St. Ignatius, a former Jesuit mission that now serves as a place where you can buy indigenous Amerindian crafts, as well as being the site of a cashew processing plant.

Lethem is readily accessible to tourists as it has an airport with regular air service on most weekdays between the town and Georgetown. There are, however, strict weight restrictions for luggage, typically less than 20 pounds. A good time to visit would be around Easter, when a rodeo is staged that draws locals, as well as visitors from Brazil.

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