Lhaviyahni Atoll

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Photo by: chopr, Creative Commons

From the capital Male, Lhaviyani Atoll is 140 kilometers away. Also known as Faadhippolhu, this atoll has a lot of exotic dive sites which are unparallel by other great dive sites in the world. Whatever your fantasy is about the deep blue sea, you will certainly find in Lhaviyani. It’s quiet, it’s fresh, and it’s virgin. Out of the atoll’s 50 isles, only five are inhabited by people. What could be more exciting than to explore the secrets of this place in the middle of the Indian Ocean? It’s surely every diver’s haven.

If you are a diver, one of the best spots to go to is the Fahigiri Reef. It’s at the eastern tip of the channel of Fehigili. The reefs here are caves which house soldier fish, squirrelfish, harlequin sweet lips, and other exotic sea creatures you probably haven’t seen in your entire life.

Now, if you want to do exquisite drift diving, the place to go is Kanuhuraa Kandu to the south of the Kanuhuraa channel. On the other hand, Fushifaru Kandu is the spot to face the challenges of tidal currents which flow inward the atoll. While exploring either dive sites, you may come across some barracuda, tuna, eagle rays, jackfish, and gray reef sharks on the side. What could be more thrilling than meet these creatures?

Other underwater realms of Lhaviyani Atoll, Maldives can be experienced in Narcola Giri, Aligau, Kuredu Ocean Reef, Dhighdhoo Faru, and Hinnavaru Kandu. These are the sites you shouldn’t dare miss if you are just looking for that chilling-water-filled-with-colorful-and-vibrant-marine-specie diving experience.

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