Street in Lilongwe, Malawi
Photo by: khym54 , Creative Commons

Malawi is one of the countries in Africa that tourists visit often. Why is this so?

It is because they have one of the most colorful cities in the world – Lilongwe.

Lilongwe is the capital of the beautiful country of Malawi. Despite being the center of commerce and trade, the people in the city never forget to take care of their rich culture and tradition. Evidently, they still have the bearings of the wonderful people who have settled in this area ages ago.

The city itself is a sight to behold. By walking around the streets, tourists will be able to witness the wonderful things that happen in the city, such as rituals and festivities that define the city and the country as well. Moreover, tourists will be able to take home with them a part of Lilongwe as souvenir shops and shopping centers have flourished in the area.

Moreover, the atmosphere in the city is very relaxing, and the traffic isn’t that heavy as opposed to what the tourists are used to seeing in the busy streets of their respective countries.

Tourists may opt to stay in the exquisite hotels in the city or roam around to settle in a camping site.

Lilongwe is definitely a pride of Malawi and of Africa as well.

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