King John’s Castle, also known as Limerick Castle
Photo by: Eric The Fish (2010), Creative Commons

Limerick, Ireland is known to be the country’s third biggest city. Yearly, millions of people visit this place because of its vigorous nightlife, countless shopping spots and many business opportunities. But behind all the glamour, Limerick also has one more thing to offer its locals and tourist – a showcase of its meaningful history and rich culture.

And if you want to know Limerick a little bit better, here are some of the places that you should see in the city.

1. Irish Palatine Museum
The exhibit tells the story of the German families who settled in Ireland during the start of 1700s. Currently, the museum houses artifacts, personal belongings and photographs of the settlers that can transport you back in time.

2. The Limerick City Gallery of Art
This specific gallery permanently displays Irish works of arts from 18th to 20th century. Some of the artists they feature includes: Jack Yeats and Sean Keating. From time to time, the place also serves as a venue for the works of other contemporary artists.

3. The Hunt Museum
Hunt currently holds Irish artifacts dating as far back as the Neolithic (New Stone Age) Period up to the more recent 20th century. As such you are more likely to see different stone tools used by the first inhabitants of Ireland, their jewelry, paintings and of course their works of art. The museum also boasts of having some of the works of Renoir, Da Vinci, Picasso and Yeats – all of which are significant artists in their own time.

4. King John’s Castle
As they say, no tour in Ireland is complete without really visiting a castle. So if you are in Limerick, you might as well visit King John’s Castle. This ancient structure currently holds several archaeological and cultural artifacts that silently tell the story behind the castle and its neighboring areas.

5. Buttercup Farm
If have grown tired of visiting museums and galleries, this place is a perfect destination. This is because Buttercup Farm transports you back to the old days by showing you how people used to do farming. Here, you can also relax further by petting and feeding some of their animals including lambs and rabbits.

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